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World Leader in covert bar code reading - since 1990.
InData Systems is the world leader in covert bar code reading, with over 20 years as an expert in reading Direct Part Mark bar codes of all kinds. The bar code security industry is rapidly growing to provide solutions for product authentication, product tracking, traceability and more. Covert, or marks that are invisible to the eye, provide immeasureable opportunities to ensure security protection for countless needs. With patents for our covert light delivery systems, InData Systems is an expert when it comes to dealing with your covert bar code reading needs.
20+ years of patented Light Delivery Systems
Over 20 years of experience in the bar code reading industry, InData Systems has patented Light Delivery Systems utilizing a variety of optical systems that can detect, with the right combination of light wave emissions, filters and lenses, bar codes that are invisible to the eye. Working closely with label and application experts to develop the latest reading technology, InData Systems is committed to developing the perfect solution for your need. Whether they are on a label, or applied directly onto the product packaging, InData Systems products can see and decode your covert markings.
Microscan UV MicroHAWK

Developed for speed and accuracy in covert barcode reading, the InData Systems UV MicroHAWK 30 and 40 are high performance fixed mount direct part mark (DPM) reader designed specifically to provide a low cost scanning solution for decoding fluorescing covert marks.‚Äč Offered with a browser based smart camera tool, the InData Systems UV MicroHAWK installation and operation is fast and easy. The simple interface, advanced programming controls, and optional built in symbol quality verification make the UV MicroHAWK series a flexible and powerful reader.

InData Systems announces that their president, John Hattersley, will give a presentation on how covert bar codes are handling on-the-spot brand protection.
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Skaneateles, New York - InData Systems, an Original Equipment Manufacturer and Value Added Reseller, is proud to announce the introduction of a new security product that has been in development for several months. InData Systems’ LDS 6500 SC (Self Contained) presents the impressive product that you are currently enjoying, in a UV or IR self contained version. InData Systems enhancements are designed to further improve the functionality of the high performance Dolphin 6500. The addition of the self contained optic boosts the performance of the product, enabling the decoding of invisible bar codes in a self contained version. The self contained optic allows the enhanced LDS 6500 SC to “read what others cannot see,” making the LDS 6500 SC an excellent product for any type of security application, such as document security, pharmaceutical track and trace, product diversion, product authentication, all types of homeland security applications, and many many more. Through our continued focus in R and D in the invisible bar code reading technology, InData Systems continues to provide the necessary tools for our customers to be more profitable and victorious in the security industry.